Gamblers and dreamers alike are going wild for Wednesday's Powerball, which hit a record $425 million jackpot making it the biggest lottery pool ever.

The most recent drawing on Saturday saw no winning numbers, so the jackpot went up another $100 million since Saturday. Mary Neubauer, a spokeswoman for the Iowa lottery where the Powerball is headquartered, told ABC News the jackpot is a result from moving the price of a Powerball game from $1 to $2.

"We thought at the time that this would mean bigger and faster-growing jackpots," she said.

Neubauer said the phones at the Powerball headquarters have been ringing off the hook from callers, even from Europe and Canada where Powerball is ineligible, looking to win the $278.3 million cash payout after taxes.

So despite the odds of winning the $425 million jackpot seeming impossible, many are wondering how they can best win the Powerball.

ABC News reported advice from experts with the lottery for all Americans hoping to score big in Wednesday's jackpot. According to experts, quick picks and numbers have only a one in 175 million chance of winning. However, the more tickets bought by a person, the more their chances of winning are increased. Yet, at the same time, the more people that buy tickets, the worse each individual persons' chances get. The experts recommended to scour for smaller jackpots since there is less demand in winning the smaller pots. While 80 percent of players choose the computer-generated numbers for Powerball, it is recommended to choose your own and to steer clear of lucky numbers, which ABC News reported are typically three, seven and 11. The experts also said numbers under 31 are less likely to win as many could be chosen because they represent popular calendar dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Any of these numbers chosen could result in sharing the large jackpot.

Currently, the Powerball jackpot record is $365 million which was won by eight ConAgra Foods workers in Nebraska in 2006. The largest lottery payout, though, was last March when three Mega Millions tickets split a $656 million prize.