The girls on “Pretty Little Liars” cannot catch a break. While Alison (Sasha Pieterse) may be in jail, the Liars are still encountering numerous roadblocks in their lives. Everyone wants to place the blame on “A” – however episode 15 exposed that they may be at fault for their own problems.

Even though Alison is behind bars, it’s unclear where her lies begin and end. She’s maintaining her innocence and insisting that “A” is the one that framed her. Needless to say, no one believes her or wants to listen. But it sounds like Alison might know something that the Liars don’t because she warns Toby (Keegan Allen) that they’ll be next to her in jail … “unless ‘A’ kills them first.”

While we don’t doubt Alison’s threat for a second, it seems more likely that the girls will ruin their own lives before “A” can. Aria (Lucy Hale) is having a panic attack because she got into none of the colleges she applied to and is insisting that it’s “A” rather than her own doing. But as Ezra (Ian Harding) informs her, one of the admissions board members at her desired school is none other than Jackie (Paloma Guzmán), his ex-girlfriend. Aria becomes bent on writing a letter to sway their decision, and ends up submitting something about how she wasted her high school years on an older man – something that Emily (Shay Mitchell) points out would devastate Ezra if he found out.

Speaking of Emily, all the teen can focus on is earning enough money to visit Paige (Lindsey Shaw) in California. She knows that she’s drifting apart from her girlfriend and wants to go sort things out, however she lacks the funds in order to make the trip. In order to make more money, she asks Ezra to hire her in the kitchen at his new bookstore. But when Ezra realizes that she’s not equipped enough to handle it, he hires outside help.

Although things seem bad for Aria and Emily, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby probably have it worse. While on a sweep at Mona’s house with the police, Toby stumbles across a bloody knife. The discovery could potentially help keep Alison behind bars or find Mona’s real killer. But the knife comes with a slight problem – it belonged to Toby’s family and was at the cabin that Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) stayed at when he returned to Rosewood. The knife could not only get Toby in trouble, but Caleb as well. Toby wants to do the right thing and turn the knife in. But Caleb’s not willing to get accused of murder … “again.” Spencer’s on Caleb’s side, and the pair hatch a plan to steal the knife and dispose of it – or risk “A” using it against them.

Hanna was the only one who appeared to have dodged a bullet in episode 15. She got into multiple colleges and was visiting the campuses, but Rosewood drama pulled her back in. Believing that Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris) was working with Alison, Hanna decided to look into Holbrook’s father, who he was reportedly taken care of. Holbrook’s father revealed that he hadn’t seen his son in weeks, giving Hanna the information she needed. But she got more than she bargained for when she returned to her car and discovered that her stuffed animal had been stuffed with animal guts.


Hanna’s teddy bear guts may have been terrifying, but not as frightening as the ordeal Caleb went through. Caleb and Spencer hatched a plan to burn the knife in the high school’s kiln, however he ended up getting locked in. Spencer was distracted by a noise in the hallway, and when she returned she found Caleb on the floor, collapsed from the heat.

Things turned around for Aria, who paid a visit to Jackie to try to delete the letter. But Jackie already read it – and told Aria that she wished she hadn’t wasted time on Ezra either. She later emailed Aria saying that she was accepted. However Aria still had to break the news to Ezra.

Hanna visited Alison in jail to try to figure out what she was up to. Alison revealed that on the night of Mona’s murder, she had been waiting for Cyrus (Jake Weary). She had received a worried call from her former accomplice, however he never showed up. It wasn’t until later that she figured out that “A” had been setting her up.

Meanwhile, the biggest jaw dropper of the evening involved Ashley (Laura Leighton) and Jason (Drew Van Acker). Ashley was trying to help Jason take over his mother’s company, and Jason repaid her with a kiss … and that kiss led to the bedroom. Hanna might not have been home at the time when it happened, but she came through the door just in time to see Jason do the walk of shame.

Episode 15 of “Pretty Little Liars” concluded with Aria discovering a message from “A” in the form of a bookmark. The bookmark contained the quote from Aria’s letter about wasting her time on an older man. Meanwhile, Alison received a note in prison: “your friends will see you soon.”