Thursday marked Prince Charles and Camilla's 10th wedding anniversary. The British royal couple celebrated privately in Scotland, the Associated Press reported, but their relationship is a public one. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall's marriage has long been seen as controversial -- in part because many people faulted Camilla for Charles' breakup with the late Princess Diana.

Ten years later, Camilla and Charles have six grandchildren between them, and they've made 856 public appearances together in 27 countries, the Mirror reported. Here's a timeline of their relationship from the AP and infoplease, along with some photos of the royal couple.

1970: Charles, the Prince of Wales, meets Camilla Rosemary Shand at a polo match. They start to date.

1972: Charles joins the Royal Navy, and their romance fizzles.

July 4, 1973: Camilla marries Andrew Parker Bowles, an army officer she'd met in the 1960s. They go on to have two children together: Tom and Laura.

RTR5HK1 Prince Charles peers around a doorframe as he arrives with Camilla Parker Bowles at a gala reception in aid of the Prince's Trust Foundation in the heart of London in 2000. Photo: Reuters

July 29, 1981: Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer at St. Paul's Cathedral. They are roughly 12 years apart in age. About 750 million people watch the wedding on TV. 

June 21, 1982: Princess Diana gives birth to Prince William.

Sept. 15, 1984: Princess Diana gives birth to Prince Harry.

RTRPN76 Charles kisses Camilla at the National Osteoporosis Society's 15th Birthday Celebrations at Somerset House in 2001. Photo: Reuters

1986: Charles allegedly begins having an affair with Camilla.

1992: The book "Diana: Her True Story" mentions that Diana had tried to commit suicide over her marital issues. British tabloids publish a transcript of an intimate phone conversation between Diana and someone who calls her "Squidgy," and then publish a similar transcript of one between Charles and Camilla. In December, Charles and Diana announce their separation.

January 1995: Camilla and her husband divorce.

RTXQE7V Camilla reacts as she waits for her husband, Charles, to fire the gun on the HMCS Haida in Ontario, Canada, in 2009. Photo: Reuters

Aug. 28, 1996: Charles and Diana divorce.

Aug. 31, 1997: Diana dies in a car crash.

Jan. 28, 1999: Charles and Camilla make their first public appearance as a couple.

Feb. 10, 2005: They announce their engagement, and Queen Elizabeth consents to their marriage. They are married two months later on April 9 at the Windsor Guildhall.

RTR1SICH Charles laughs with Camilla at the Mey Highland Games in north Scotland in 2007. Photo: Reuters