Prince George was the epitome of cuteness when he displayed his silly side during a family outing with parents Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with baby sister Princess Charlotte.

The royal toddler and his sister Princess Charlotte both joined the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during the Houghton International Horse Trials held on Tuesday near their Anmer Hall home in Norfolk. It was during the said event that Prince George showed his silly faces while watching the equestrian show with his mother. The young royal prince was said to have been “blowing raspberries to signal his delight,” as stated in a report posted on Telegraph.

The term blowing raspberries is used to describe the action of making a vibrating noise using the mouth. Apart from the said action, Prince George was also photographed leaning against the Duchess of Cambridge who was kneeling on the grass. The royal toddler also made a silly face during the said moment by puffing out his cheeks as he and his mother watched riders on their horses jumping in and out of the water.

Prince William and Kate, along with children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, also enjoyed a family picnic during the said event. Kate was even photographed wiping Prince George’s mouth after he ate a slice of cake, as stated in the same report.  

An eyewitness told People magazine that the royal couple both “sat … [on] the grass beside the lake” with their two children. “They were literally just having an ordinary day out, sitting on the grass in jeans,” the eyewitness shared. The royal siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte were also said to be playing and running around. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter was also described as a “good mover” despite being “little.”

Prince William was also seen eating cake off a paper plate “just like anyone else,” the eyewitness added. "It was just an ordinary day out with no airs and graces. But then they never do, do they? William's just like his mum, isn't he?” the eyewitness commented.