Freddie Minnis won a competition in search of a look-alike for Prince George and will now work as a professional royal baby impersonator.

The Daily Mail reported baby Freddie is just four days older than Prince George, who will celebrate his first birthday Tuesday.

Freddie’s mother, Carly, entered him in the contest after friends pointed out the resemblance to the young prince.

“Freddie being selected as a Prince George lookalike seems almost natural,” she told the Daily Mail. “I never noticed Freddie's resemblance to Prince George until I saw all the TV coverage during their recent visit to Australia and New Zealand. George was dressed in clothes similar to those Freddie wears and they seem to have the same temperament.”

Freddie acts just like Prince George, too, according to his mom -- grumpy faces and all. Carly said Freddie is also already walking, and loves his dog.

“Like George, Freddie moves around by himself although he's skipped the crawling and has gone straight to trying to walk, and just like the prince, if he isn't doing what he wants, has a very cute pouty, sulky face,” she said. “He's also obsessed by our family dog Minnie, just like George appears to be with Lupo.”

And naturally, Carly takes cues from Prince George’s fashion sense.

“I always dress Freddie in traditional-looking clothes when we're going out and adore some of the European baby clothes designers, just like Kate,” Carly said.

The similarities don’t stop there: Carly said she and her husband Ross got engaged the same year as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and wed five months after the royal couple.

“I've always been a fan of the Royals and the similarities between my family and the Cambridges is strange,” she said. “All we need now is for Kate and William to have a daughter -- Freddie would make a great real-life Prince.”

Daniel Price from, which held the competition, said as soon as he saw photos of Freddie, he “could see the resemblance instantly.”

“Like the young prince he's a natural in front of the camera and was a pleasure to work with,” Price said. “The thing that made Freddie stand out was the closeness in age and the fact he's so similar to George in other ways too.”