Prince Harry feasted on a traditional meal along with a local family in the village of Leorani in Nepal on Monday. The 31-year-old prince sat on the floor and enjoyed the local cuisine. As revealed by Kensington Palace earlier, Harry stayed at the village home of a former Gurkha soldier who had served in the British army. 

Harry looked perfectly at ease squatting on the ground. He tucked into a meal prepared by the family in their small, rural home in the remote hillside village. The British royal appeared to be feasting into a meal of rice, dal, two types of papad, some mixed veggies, pickle and chicken curry in a brass plate.



Harry was flanked by Mangali Tamang, an 86-year-old widow of a former soldier, and her daughter-in-law Guan Shobra Tamang for the traditional meal. He stayed with the family for the night and shunned royal treatment. The reason behind Harry’s decision was “he wanted a different experience moved by the stories of resilience of the Nepali people following the earthquakes last year."

Earlier in the day, the prince attended a welcome ceremony before enjoying dinner with a family. He was crowned headman of the village with traditional headdress, before dancing with the locals. One of the main reasons for Harry’s visit to Nepal was to salute “the extraordinary bravery and commitment that Gurkhas have shown in the last 200 years,” said a spokesman earlier.

Harry’s visit was announced earlier this year and is being undertaken at the request of the government. He will follow in the footsteps of his father Prince Charles and his grandparents. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Charles have visited Nepal. The last royal visit to Nepal was his grandfather in 2000.

His official visit to Nepal is the first tour since the country became a republic in 2008. Harry will also visit Orlando, Florida, in May for an event related to the Invictus Games. The games will be hosted for the first time in the U.S. in September 2017.