Prince Harry showed off his photography skills in new pictures released by Kensington Palace on its official Twitter account Thursday. The pictures are from his official visit to Nepal, some of the sweet memories that the young prince will cherish forever.

The British royal posted a picture of a dog that “barked ALL night” outside the home where he stayed. The dog takes in a majestic view from Leorani village in the picture. “Living in such dramatic scenery clearly has an effect on the Nepalese – such calm, friendly people and so much love to give. Note to self – visit again!” another image of the Annapurna range was captioned by Harry.

The 31-year-old had a traditional meal with a local family in the village and stayed at their house. Harry stayed at the village home of a former Gurkha soldier who had served in the British army whose widow 86-year-old Mangali Tamang and her daughter-in-law Guan Shobra Tamang played the perfect hosts. 

Meanwhile, Harry has extended his stay in Nepal for six days. He will travel to a remote village and work on an earthquake relief project. Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson will help Team Rubicon UK charity and the local community rebuild a school devastated by the 2015 earthquake. Harry witnessed several recovery projects in the region during his stay.

The prince trekked into the mountains of central Nepal with his own equipment to assist the local community in all aspects of repairing and rebuilding their school. He will work along with a group of volunteers and the local community. Meanwhile, this is not the first time Harry has shared personal photographs from his travels — the last time he shared pictures was when he was in Lesotho in December 2014, when he met a handful of local children.