Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were gifted with Cashmere dressing gowns during their wedding in 2011. Both the gowns are custom made and cost 8,000 pounds ($11081.60) each. They were commissioned by royal warrant-holder Turnbull & Asser and designed by Daniel Hanson.

Made by designer Daniel Hanson, the gowns have never been seen. The designer is known for making dressing gowns for the likes of Sir Elton John, Brad Pitt and John Travolta. The 33-year-old British prince’s gown is navy with elegant contrast piping and a belted waist, with his name embroidered inside. 

Kate’ gown is white in color with silver piping, and her embroidered title is Princess Catherine and both the gowns have a silk lining to keep cool. The gowns were commissioned by royal warrant-holder Turnbull & Asser, official shirtmaker to Prince Charles. The gowns have an India connection.

According to Hanson, the material is sent to India to be embroidered. It is flown to Delhi, then driven and then bicycled more than 500 miles to Srinagar. The dressing gowns are actually embroidered by family embroiderers in Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. After the embroidery work is finished, the fabric is then returned to Hanson’s Edwardian studio in Nottingham, where it is stitched into a robe.

The Nottingham-based designer declined to reveal the cost of the gowns. However, they are bespoke commissions and reportedly cost up to 8,000 pounds each ($11,148.). He added that they were at the top end of his range during William and Kate’s wedding. Hanson told a dressing gown usually takes around six to eight hours to make and costs on average 2,300 pounds ($3,205).

But, a bespoke commission takes twice as long and costs around £3,000 ($4,180) and mostly more. Meanwhile, Turnbull & Asser are said to be the ultimate in ‘his and hers’ designer luxury wear.

“Although we have been doing this for more than 25 years we don’t look for publicity as a company. We are not an uninteresting company, of course, but we don’t seek the limelight,” said Hanson. The designer added that as far as his designs are concerned, it takes a lot of work. Although they do not make a fortune, Hanson said that they make some very beautiful things and take pride in them.