Prince William and Prince Harry recently shared a bonding moment when they watched snippets from an old family video that showed a very young Prince Charles. Both even reminisced about their childhood and how they also used to play in the same garden where the said family video was taken.

A clip from the BBC documentary “Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute” has unveiled a rare look at a young Prince Charles with Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne, who was just a baby then. The TV documentary to commemorate the Queen’s birthday also included a shot of brothers Prince William and Prince Harry watching the said clip. When the old family video showed their father Prince Charles as a very young boy striding across the Windsor Castle garden, Prince Harry commented on how he resembles Prince George, People magazine reported.

In the TV documentary, Prince Harry laughingly told his brother that the way the young Prince Charles walked has reminded him of his nephew, Prince William’s son. "He walks just like George! Or George walks like him!” Prince Harry stated. The Duke of Cambridge also agreed with his brother’s observation. Prince William even described the way the young Prince Charles walked as a “purposeful” one.

Both royal princes wore smiles on their faces while watching the old family video. The two brothers also recalled a time in their childhood when they also played in the same garden. Prince William commented during the TV documentary how they “probably chased each other round that garden a few times” in the past. “Not for a while. In the early days, when Gan-Gan was around,” Prince Harry stated. The young prince may have referred to the late Queen Mother. Royal fans may recall that Prince George also calls his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, “Gan-Gan.”

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Harry recently spent some time touring the “Star Wars” set at England’s Pinewood Studios on Tuesday, Forbes reported. The two brothers were given a guided tour by Daisy Ridley who portrays Rey in “The Force Awakens.”

During their tour, the two princes met the film’s cast and crew members. They also engaged in a light saber battle and visited the studio’s Creature Effects room. Prince Harry and Prince William were even given hugs by the one of the movie’s iconic characters, Chewbacca.