Over the past few days, several photos of the royal family have been unveiled to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. The latest picture includes a rare shot of the Queen with her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The new portrait showed Queen Elizabeth II surrounded with the youngest generation of the royal family, People magazine reported. In the photo, the Queen posed with 11-month old Princess Charlotte on her lap, while Prince George and other little royals stood around her.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter wore a flower-patterned dress with pale pink tights for the shoot. She also wore a pink cardigan, same as the queen. Apart from Princess Charlotte and Prince George, Queen Elizabeth’s young grandchildren — Lady Louise, James, Viscount Severn, as well as Savannah and Isla Phillips — were also in the picture.

One of the scene stealers in the said image was of two-year old Mia Tindall who was photographed carrying the Queen’s purse. A source told People magazine that no one told the toddler to hold on to the purse. "She just did it. She just picked it up — it wasn’t staged. It was completely spontaneous,” the source stated.

The photo shoot was handled by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz and took place in March at the Windsor Castle’s Green Drawing Room. Another source shared with People magazine that the shoot was “a lovely jolly affair,” adding there was no “particular logic” why only seven of the Queen’s great-grandchildren and grandchildren were photographed.

The photograph was also shared on Twitter through the British Monarchy account. The image was captioned, “The Queen surrounded by her two youngest grandchildren and her five great-grandchildren #Queenat90.”

The photo is the second family portrait featuring Prince George to commemorate the queen’s birthday. A picture released on Tuesday showed Prince George posing with Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen for a special stamp that was released in celebration of British monarch’s birthday.

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday on Thursday, April 21.