The world has seen the lovely pictures of Princess Charlotte’s recent baptism. The royal christening looked calm and serene, while the parents appeared at ease during the event. But if the event is compared against a normal christening, an average family’s gatherings are definitely more hectic.

A normal christening is typically messy and chaotic, given the screaming children and rambunctious kids running to and fro. Usually parents would be so stressed out and tired that pictures taken during the event will show serious faces and fake smiles.  The royal christening bore no resemblance to that.  Knowing this, the Daily Mail requested mother and blogger Emily-Jane Clark to list down ways a normal baptism is not as calm as what Princess Charlotte’s royal christening photos would have people believe.

Clark started out with parents usually arriving late for the christening service. The blogger enumerated the usual challenges that parents encounter when trying to ready their children. This includes the kids resisting getting dressed or wearing shoes, and how the baby might need a last-minute diaper change.

The royal christening is different. Although the public was not privy to the royal family’s preparations before leaving their Anmer Hall estate, Prince William and Duchess Kate arrived earlier than the allotted time, looking perfectly relaxed and sporting big smiles. The royal family of four arrived at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene ahead of the 4:30 p.m. service, reported the Tribune.

Clark also noted that children are generally outspoken and will not stay quiet. She added that kids have a tendency to run around screaming and say nonsensical things. The blogger also mentioned how posing for photos and trying to coax a smile from children is quite a chore. The photos at Princess Charlotte's christening showed happy and relaxed smiles.

The royal christening photos taken by Mario Testino, particularly that of Prince William carrying a smiling Prince George, was an amazing feat. The Telegraph even cited that as Testino’s greatest achievement, given that the nearly 2-year old toddler has never been photographed with such a toothy grin.

The pictures from the royal christening may have depicted a serene and calm affair, the royal couple along with their staff, have done a great deal to make Princess Charlotte’s christening a successful celebration. Something that an average family would like to enjoy – a stress-free gathering.