“Project Runway” finally gave contestants the chance to pick their own fabrics and let their imaginations run wild in episode 3. This week, contestants had to use their past to inspire a look for the future. To celebrate Marie Claire’s 20th anniversary, the designers had to make a look that was inspired by their life in 1994 but would be worn in 2034.

Designers have 30 minutes to sketch before they go to Mood with a $200 budget. Once they get back to Parson’s, they have 24 hours to create a look that incorporated the past and future. Contestants return to a bulletin board full of childhood photos of themselves from 1994 to help with their inspiration.

Some people are starting to bond with other contestants, but some designers don’t really make friends. “It definitely feels like high school. Cliques are forming and it just feels weird,” Samantha says. Audiences didn’t see many cliques this week, but this is likely foreshadowing what’s coming later in the season.

At Tim Gunn’s check in, Angela hasn’t even started sewing. “I might look frantic, but that’s just me,” she says. It’s hard to believe her when she’s constantly running across the workroom and stressing. Tim urges her to be confident in her look.

Tim isn’t so confident when he sees Mitchell’s design. Mitchell’s top looks like a wet suit, which was intended, but the skirt he is planning looks like  tutu. Tim urges him to go with a sleeker bottom, and Mitchell follow his advice.

Tim sees Sandhya’s dress, and he isn’t so sure about it. Tim warns her that safety pins might be overkill, and it doesn’t look sophisticated enough.

Alexander has construction issues with his original leather top and accidentally gave his model a “uniboob” because of the way his fabric is puckering. He has to either send something unflattering down the runway or start over. He ends up starting over with a new dress with only a few hours before the models hit the runway.

Amanda’s look is about options. She creates a separate skirt and shirt, where the shirt functions as bra. She puts bellbottoms on the pants and a mesh tunic on top of the look. Her immunity makes her safe, but the judges stop her before she leaves the runway. They expect more from the veteran. The design was hated by all of the judges, including guest judges Marie Claire’s Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider and talk show host Amanda de Cadenet.

Top Three

Sandhya: JudgeNina Garcia loves the recycling inspired dress, and Zac Posen said that he could recognize the design as Sandhya’s as soon as he saw it. She uses one of the only bright colors on the runway with a neon pinkish purple. “It’s a very editorial look,” Nina says. “I think it’s going to be stimulating for our readers.” Heidi Klum is the only judge who didn’t love it. Zac agrees that it’s weird but he thinks it’s cool. Amanda de Cadenet loves that the dress is editorial but functional. The design in the back allows the model to sit and be comfortable.

Kristine: Her "Clueless" inspired jacket mixes preppy and grungy. The slits in the jacket sleeves make the look feel futuristic. The layered white dress underneath looks great without the jacket as well. Kristine created Heidi’s favorite look. Zac didn’t like the grunge feel, but the judges later complimented the use of neoprene. The strategic fabric didn’t require finishing, allowing Kristine to create a clean look very quickly.

Emily: The judges generally love the black jumpsuit and hoodie with Heidi, Amanda and Anne all wanting the outfit. It’s simple and wearable. Nina doesn’t love it because it doesn’t feel new to her, but she enjoyed the simplicity.

Bottom Three

Alexander: The designer explains to the judges that he didn’t want to do this. He briefly tells them that his design had to be changed last minute because he didn’t want to send the model out in something ill fitting. Yet she is now essentially wearing a sack with some leather at the top. The judges absolutely hate it. They mention that they think it could be a mop.

Angela: Angela’s look is inspired by her Wall Street past, and the judges admire her attempt to try a new take on a suit. However, the judges think it looks messy and unfinished. A few agree that it looks like a stewardess. They also think the construction and fitting is poor. “Even if it would fit her better, it’s still sad and blah,” Heidi says.

Sean: The wrinkled trench coat and turtleneck dress really doesn’t impress the judges. Only Zac liked the look. He says it feels like, “Mary Poppins went shopping at Prada.” The other judges hate it and argue with Zac over the turtleneck and the poor construction. Sean used a fabric he had never used before which might have been too much of a risk.

Winner: Sandhya, who also won the first challenge, picked up another win during the main episode challenge. She still can't escape the haters though. Korina says, “I’m super confused because [Sandhya’s dress] actually looks like a jet pack.”

Eliminated: Angela was in tears when Heidi let her go. The designer says, “I’ve never been criticized like this before and this was kind of a huge shock to me.”

“Project Runway” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime. Which look did you hate the most? Sound off in the comments section.