“The Purge” is back to “cleanse and purify” our souls. While “Anarchy” focused on the socioeconomics of the purge, the third installation of from franchise took a look at politics.

Considering the tagline for the film is to “Make America Great” -- an obvious play on the campaign motto from presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump -- it’s clear that in this film the ones who want the purge are Republicans and those against it are the Democrats.

Breaking protocol with the first sequel, there is one character who returns to the screen: Sergeant. Except this time around, instead of a lone gunman seeking vengeance for his son, this film is about Sergeant protecting someone who wants the purge to end. In “Election Year,” Sergeant is called “Leo” and his main priority is to make sure Senator Charlie Roan stays safe during purge night. Even though senior politicians used to be safe during the purge, members of the NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America), decided that no one is safe this time around. Unbeknownst to Leo or Charlie, it’s because the NFFA wants to assassinate her.

Always the politician, Charlie refuses to special treatment during the purge, and wants to be kept safe at her home. Leo is suspicious of everyone on her staff, and for good reason. Multiple people betray her during the night. Ultimately, the security is breached.

But Leo, who never trusts anyone, built a secret escape route so the assassins are unable to kill her when they enter her home. The two flee on foot, but are at risk of being murdered by the random “purgers” walking the streets.

A group of tourists, who purposely came to America to kill, soon swarm them, but Joe, the owner of local deli, and Marcos, his friend and co-worker, save Leo and Charlie from the tourists.

The assassinators continue to hunt down Charlie and eventually capture her. They take her to a mass where the NFFA is holding a mass to “cleanse and purify.” Just as they are about to sacrifice her, Joe, Marcos, Leo and a group of others save her.

Two months later, Roan is elected as minister. But there is unrest in the streets. People are looting in the street. And the scene for the beginning of a possible fourth movie is set.

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