Queen Elizabeth II made a cameo in a hilarious video shared by Prince Harry on the official Twitter of Kensington Palace Friday to promote the upcoming 2016 Invictus Games. The 31-year-old royal showed his grandmother some of the competitors from the 2015 Invictus Games. It is then that a playful banter began between U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle and Harry.

The original short clip was first shared on Michelle’s Twitter account, where the Obamas jokingly teased the British royal. “Hey, Prince Harry, remember when you told us to bring it?” says the 52-year-old first lady with a deadpan look, staring into the camera. “Be careful what you wish for,” says Barack as he joins in, while from behind three soldiers pull faces and one appears to drop the gauntlet with a “boom.”

Harry receives a text message from Michelle with “Hail to the Chief” ringtone. He tells the queen that it is from FLOTUS. After they both watch the video, Elizabeth playfully gets into the spirit and shrugs her shoulders, looks at her grandson and says with a smile, “Boom, really? Please.” The prince, holding back his laughter turns to the camera with a “boom.”

Harry then tweeted how on earth was he going to top that, which was accompanied with a thinking emoji. The ginger-haired royal had asked the first couple to “bring it” earlier during their visit to Kensington Place on April 22. Even the U.K. Team Captain of the Invictus Games, David Wiseman, joined in the fun tweeting FLOTUS to tell the U.S. captain Paul Revere to get his horse warmed up as the British were coming.

Harry then tweeted:

The Obamas and the royal family’s banter is a warm up to the 2016 Invictus Games, in which wounded servicemen and women from around the world compete in a variety of sporting events. The event will take place in Orlando, Florida from May 8 to May 12. Twitters users were delighted with the mock argument, with one writing: “this is getting serious .. I think you guys need to have a dance off,” while another wrote: “Awesome!!! Yes!!! Good luck everyone & thank you all for your service!!”

This is the queen’s biggest royal spoof since she pretended to jump out of a helicopter with James Bond for the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Check the video here.