Buckingham Palace relaunched its website that gives an account of Queen Elizabeth II and her family on Thursday. The senior royal who will celebrate her 90th birthday on April 21 is very tech-savvy. Prince George’s "Gan-Gan" is known to stay in touch with her family through Skype and is even a pro at using it.

The new site is the first upgrade in over eight years and is fully compatible with all mobile devices. The British Monarchy has been renamed as “The home of the Royal Family.” The royal.uk site incorporates and embeds social media and video, which shows the works of the queen and her family to their subjects and fans worldwide. The site is highly visual has been designed by leading digital agency Reading Room.

The new website has been approved by none other than the 89-year-old monarch, who saw the design on Tuesday. “She’s always been conscious of improving the ways we communicate the work of the royal family. She’s been an enthusiastic supporter of social media since the early days of it,” a palace insider said.  

The new website operates alongside and shows off the family’s social media accounts. The palace insider said that it was “particularly important to upgrade its connection via mobile in communicating with the Commonwealth where nearly 60 percent of the population is under the age of 30.” According to Buckingham Palace, about 12 million people view the main site every year. 

The public will be able to engage in the working of the British royal family, through the new website. It is more flexible in terms of accessibility, visually engaging in its appeal, easier to navigate and search, and is more interactive. Besides, it will be easier to update regularly with content from numerous sources, including charities and members of the public who benefit from the work of the family.