Queen Latifah and Paula Patton came to the defense of Zoe Saldana for her controversial portrayal on Nina Simone in the coming biopic “Nina” at the Hollywood premiere of Patton's "The Perfect Match" Monday, and now dating rumors have surfaced. Queen Latifah's sexuality has been speculated about for years but never confirmed, and Patton, ex-wife of "Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke, is supposedly bisexual, the blog Media Take Out wrote in a post Tuesday.

“Multiple sources CONFIRMED to us that Latifah is now dating actress Paula Patton,” the gossip site wrote Tuesday. “We're not sure HOW SERIOUS IT IS . . . but it's going down.” The blog didn't give any actual evidence the two women are dating, save for a photo of them posing together on the red carpet Monday.

Patton hasn’t posted to Twitter since 2014. Her profile says she is the wife “of the amazing, brilliant, genius Robin Thicke.” So, it’s no surprise that she hasn’t responded to the rumors on social media.

Queen Latifah, on the other hand, has been busy promoting her new movie, “Miracles From Heaven,” about a little girl who is cured of a rare disorder after she suffers a tragic accident. Her interview about the film with host James Corden on the “Late, Late Show” is slated to air Tuesday night.

While the report of Queen Latifah dating Patton could be nothing more than tabloid fodder, considering neither of them has addressed the claim, one thing is certain: They agree that there is nothing wrong with Saldana depicting Nina Simone. Saldana, who is of black and Latina descent, has faced criticism because of the color of her skin. Simone, who died in 2003, was proud of her dark skin color and features in a time where those traits were shunned. In the trailer for “Nina,” Saldana’s skin looks several shades darker and her nose appears to have been altered. 

"Clearly, someone thought she was perfect for it," Patton said Monday, according to the Huffington Post. "She's an amazing actress, she’s beautiful, and you haven’t even given her a chance and you haven’t seen it yet.”

Queen Latifah added: “She is of African descent. I don’t see why she shouldn’t play the role. I just want to see it. … I think Zoe Saldana’s a great actress. So I am looking forward to it.”

“Nina” is slated to hit theaters nationwide Friday, April 22.

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