Queen Letizia of Spain’s sister has set the record straight regarding rumors of the royal undergoing Botox or plastic surgery. According to the Spanish queen’s younger sister, Telma Ortiz Rocasolano, the secret to the former’s flawless complexion is her good genes. Telma gave an interview to Spanish publication Vida y Estilo.

Addressing the rumors of the 43-year-old royal undergoing plastic surgery, Telma added that it was “not true.” “Letizia is already by nature a very beautiful woman. She knows that plastic surgery is something that would only hurt, something you do not need,” Telma said.

Spilling the secret to the royal’s young looking skin, Telma said "Letizia has no secret." The younger sister said that her older sister, who is the consort of Spain, “completely rejects Botox treatments.” Letizia rather uses natural, toxin-free cosmetics.

The 43-year-old Letizia uses Biotulin, which is extracted from a plant --paracress (Biological name Acmella oleracea). It eliminates wrinkles through natural ingredients. The main ingredient in her skincare regimen is Biotulin, Spilanthol.

According to Telma, Letizia uses Biotulin as a topical cream. The skincare product already has a huge fan following, of mostly celebrities.

Telma also spoke about the mother-of-two’s diet. For her svelte and very well-maintained figure, the queen stays away from eating chocolate, sweets and fatty meats and drinks three liters of water a day. She said her sister stays in shape with jogging and “a brutal fitness program – Zumba.”

During the inaugural ceremony off the FITUR international tourism trade fair in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday, it was revealed the Letizia also stays in shape by practising the “Iyengar yoga.” The fashion icon visited the India stand and appeared to be attentively watching a yoga demonstration given by a teacher. She has been practising the yoga since the last 10 years and is also a yogini.

Letizia credited the instructor for her love of yoga, according to Spanish publication El Confidencial Autonomico.