Quest Cast "The Quest" premieres on ABC Thursday, July 31 at 8pm EDT Photo: ABC

ABC's new reality show, “The Quest,” from an executive producer of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and the producers of "The Amazing Race," follows 12 contestants, or "paladins," as they train and compete to be the hero to save the magical world of "Everealm."

Producer Jane Fleming told the Huffington Post that she and fellow producer Mark Ordesky conceived of the idea while working on "The Lord of the Rings" movies. Fleming said they would get footage of the actors training for scenes and thought, "Why do the actors get to have all the fun?" On "The Quest," 12 ordinary fantasy enthusiasts will get their chance to see if they can cut it in "reality."

Who are the lucky 12 fantasy fans who will put their skills to the test?

Adrian Kyne

Adria Kyne Adria Kyne appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Kyne is a mother with a passion for video games.

Andrew Frazer

Andrew Frazer Andrew Frazer appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Frazer loves to work with kids and grew up watching "Dragonball Z."

Ashley Guerrero

Ashley Guerrero Ashley Guerrero appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Guerrero is a boxer, archer and trick rider who loves "The Neverending Story."

Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie Gordon Bonnie Gordon appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Gordon traveled for two months with Gypsies after having to leave her home after Hurricane Katrina. 

Christian Socher

Christian Sochor Christian Sochor appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

The New York native is a swordfighter at Renaissance fairs and a Tolkien fan.

Jasmine Kyle

Jasmine Kyle Jasmine Kyle appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Kyle writes "Lord of the Rings" fan fiction and met her significant other at a Renaissance fair.

Jim Curry

Jim Curry Jim Curry appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Curry, whose father is a park ranger, grew up spending the majority of his time in the wilderness, until he found Harry Potter. Now he is a member of the Hogwarts Virtual Choir and plays Quidditch.

Katie Smaluk

Katie Smaluk Katie Smaluk appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Smaluk is a self-described card and pool "hustler" who invented her own language with her twin sister as a kid.

Leticia Reyes

Leticia Reyes Leticia Reyes appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Reyes grew up watching WWF and has both a business degree and a green belt in judo.

Lina Carollo

Lina Carollo Lina Carollo appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Carollo is a school counselor who grew up beating her brothers in the video game "Street Fighter."

Patrick Higgins

Patrick Higgins Patrick Higgins appears on ABC's "The Quest" Photo: ABC

Higgins is a teacher and "Star Wars" fanatic who walked down the aisle through light sabers to the film's theme music at his wedding.

Shondo Blades

Blades is a mixed martial arts fighter from Houston with a particular fascination with "Ghostbusters." 

"The Quest" premieres Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. Will you tune in? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9Garofalo