A resident of West Kelowna, British Columbia, has allegedly spotted the local Okanagan Lake's famed resident monster, Ogopogo.

Richard Hulls captured a video of something [a large, elongated object] in the water that, at first glance, looks like a ripple or a wave. On closer observation, Hulls claims, it looks like a large sea creature -- one Hulls indicates is Ogopogo.

Apparently, Hulls claims, the possibility of it being a sea creature is obvious when one considers the size and the fact that they were not parallel with the waves.

It was not going with the waves. Just a darker color, Hulls said, This made me think it had to be something else.

It proves something is down there. Whether it's Ogopogo or not, it is a different story, but there is something at least down there, Hulls asserted, according to CHBC News.

According to Global TV, the video has caught the eye of international media. The rarely seen -- and even more rarely photographed -- sea serpent is believed to be about forty to fifty feet long.

The video is currently on social-networking sites, and it may have had more than 600,000 views already. According to Global TV, the video was also featured on the top-rated morning show, 'Good Morning America,' on Thursday.

There are a plethora of theories about the existence of Ogopogo, and the possibility that a cryptic lake monster may have finally been captured on video has caught the attention and raised the curiosity of almost everyone.

Come on! Ogopogo is not real, wrote Ryan Scott, a viewer of the video.

However, another viewer, Riley Defeater, thought it could be real.

Sturgeon keep growing their entire lives, and that lake has plenty of sturgeon, he wrote, on CHBC News' Facebook page.

That Facebook page -- with the video -- is flooded with comments, and more were being added at such rapid rates that YouTube, the video's host, had to disable the addition of any more.

Check out the video of the possible sighting.