A real life “Grinch” was caught on camera Sunday morning stealing holiday decorations from a front lawn in San Antonio, Texas.

ABC affiliate KSAT released the surveillance video showing a man driving past the home in a white vehicle around 3 a.m. He is then seen running across the lawn on and grabs an inflatable sled and snowman. He runs back a second time and steals an inflatable train set and Santa Claus.

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A neighbor, who identified herself as Diana, told KSAT that this was not the only house that fell victim to the holiday thief.

"He ran across the street to the other neighbor's house, taking their inflatable sled, and ran back to his car," she said.

"Her snowman was also missing and they just put theirs out a couple nights ago."

It was Diana who reported the incident to the police. She said she did so in order to help protect her neighbors.

"This can't be left like that," she said. "Other people need to be aware that this guy is out there."

The unidentified robber is not the only “Grinch” popping up this holiday season.

Recently, Canadian police arrested a man who was drunkenly screaming at children, parents and nearby floats that Santa Claus wasn’t real during the Santa Claus parade in Kingston, Ontario.