Going through ones belongings after death can bring about all sorts of surprises; the relatives of Dr. Harold Carr were ones who received such surprise.

While going through Carr's belongings after his death, they found an extremely rare 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante, which is considered very valuable for car collectors.

The dusty two-seater, unused since 1960, didn't look like much in the garage in Gosforth, near Newcastle in northern England.

But only 17 were ever made, and when it's cleaned up and auctioned in Paris next month, experts believe it will fetch at least $4.3 million and possibly much more.

The supercar once represented excellence in motoring achievement and was so ahead of its time it could go up to 130 mph when most other cars peaked at about 50 mph.

This car was originally owned by Earl Howe, a prominent British race car driver. All of its original equipment is intact, so it can be restored without relying on replacement parts.