The remains of a lost German tourist, Stefan Ramin, have been found in the embers of a campfire on a Polynesian island, raising suspicions that he was eaten by cannibals.

The 40-year-old business advisor was on a traditional goat hunt trip on the island of Nuku Hiva in the Pacific Ocean with his girlfriend, Heike Dorsch.

Dorsch reported that she last saw him depart with their local guide, named Henri Heiti, and never saw him again. Heiti returned to inform her that there had been an accident and he needed her help.

But, before Dorsch could move to help, Heiti tied her to a tree and abused her, she said. Hours later, she somehow managed to escape to inform local authorities.

A warrant for the guide, who has disappeared, has been issued.  A team of 22 police officers finally managed to track down the remains of Ramin a week after he was reported missing.

The Daily Mail reported that the remains included a jaw bone, teeth and melted metal which was then flown to a hospital in Papeete, Tahiti, capital of French Polynesia. From there, the remains were transported to Paris for DNA analysis to prove whether they are all that is left of Ramin.

Although the investigations could take some time, it is said that the incident is a case of cannibalism.