Articles by Himanshu Goenka

AXA Investments Linked To Israeli Settlements

French insurance provider AXA has investments in Elbit Systems, accused of supplying prohibited weapons used against Palestinians in 2014, and also in three Israeli banks that finance Israel’s settlements in Palestinian territories.
Planet X

Nibiru Cataclysm Is A Bogus Theory

The theory dates back to 1995, when a woman from Wisconsin — claiming to communicate with aliens — said a planetary object (later called Nibiru) would destroy Earth in 2003.
Grab Uber

Uber Drives Out Of Southeast Asia

The ride-hailing company sold its Southeast Asia business to local rival Grab in a deal announced Monday. Previously, Uber had merged its China business with Didi Chuxing in August 2016.
Xi Jinping Donald Trump

China Retaliates To Trump’s Trade Tariffs

After President Donald Trump signed “the first of the many” tariffs against China into law Thursday, the world’s second-largest economy responded Friday with a long list of proposed tariffs on imports from the U.S.
Dinosaur Skeleton Auction

A Dinosaur Skeleton Up For Auction

The species of the fossilized skeleton going under the proverbial hammer has not been identified, and it belongs to an unnamed British businessman. It could fetch over $2 million.