Articles by Himanshu Goenka
Oil Rig

China Tariffs Hurt US Crude Oil Price

In retaliation to the $50 billion worth of tariffs announced by the United States, China said it would impose 25 percent import duty on U.S. petroleum goods, sending the WTI crude price crashing.
Icarus Star

Hubble Spots Farthest Single Star

While galaxies farther in space and further back in time have been found, this is the first time astronomers have observed — thanks to Hubble Space Telescope — a single star that is 9 billion light-years away.
Milky Way Map

How Much Does The Milky Way Galaxy Weigh?

Previous estimates placed the mass of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, at between 700 billion and 2 trillion solar masses, but a new measurement technique offers a more precise and reliable number.
Model 3

Is Tesla About To Turn Profitable Finally?

Tesla chairman, CEO and co-founder Elon Musk said at the annual shareholders’ meeting Tuesday he expected the company to make a profit in the July-September quarter, a rarity in its 15-year history.