Jared Michaud

  • Gun Control

    Gun Control: The Great Cop-Out

    In the wake of the recent school shooting, the real issue we should be talking about is not gun control.
  • Connecticut School Shooting: Killer Adam Lanza’s Mother Nancy Lanza Not A Teacher? Gunman’s Family Details Emerge

    A Responsibility To Grieve

    The recent tragedy in Connecticut has brought home a couple of points -- reflecting both on the tragedy itself and on the reactions I’ve seen from the people around me.
  • United States Capitol

    The Free Market: Mankind's Natural Environment

    This world is a brutal, hostile environment. This is a simple fact, regardless of what you believe about God or humanity’s origins.
  • Too Big to Fail? Best Outcome for Decaying Government System is Failure

    Why is everyone so afraid of big government? It has become a tautology that big government is bad in many circles, but nobody ever seems to really explain why. Granted, concentrating power over peoples’ lives in one place usually leads to abuse of that power, and that is the obvious answer.
  • What Price, Freedom?

    It is part of our nature as humans, it seems, that we take for granted anything that has been a part of our lives for long enough. Provided we live through it, it becomes just another “fact of life.” It seems it is only with conscious effort—often a great deal of conscious effort—that we can keep appreciating something that we’re comfortable with. (It is interesting to note that we also get accustomed to the great evils in life. It is the small things we either appreciate over and over or come ...
  • Societal Momentum Pushing America Toward Inability to Self-Govern

    Societies and nations are very much like people in how stubborn and resistant to change they are. Few forces are actually capable of suddenly changing the base nature of people, on either a large or small scale, and it takes a great deal of sustained effort over a long period of time for them to change their own nature.