Articles by John Walsh

John Walsh wrote for as an editorial intern about issues pertaining to social justice and environmental conscientiousness. He was a news reporter for the Daily Trojan student newspaper at the University of Southern California and was the beat writer for the football and baseball teams there. Walsh recently wrote at in Brooklyn.


Montenegro May Join NATO To Deter Russia

Montenegro, a former Yugoslavian republic with a population of roughly 650,000 needs approval from each of the 28 NATO members in its bid to become a full member of the alliance in May.

Trump Wishes Persians A Happy Nowruz

The six-day holiday between March 18 and 24, is widely known for the ritual of participants jumping over bonfires as a symbol of “rebirth, rejuvenation and reconciliation’ for the New Year and the arrival of springtime.



Barclays Mulling Standard Chartered Merger

The potential move to merge with Standard Chartered could be a way for Barclays to thwart possible demands from an activist investor to return capital to shareholders, the Financial Times reported Wednesday.

Small Banks Trump Wall Street On Dodd-Frank Rewrite

Congress on Tuesday rolled back some of the restraints imposed on banks after the 2007-2009 global financial crisis, but big players like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, will not be breaking out the champagne.