Loyal viewers of French series “The Returned” might not know why groups of dead people are coming back to life on the Sundance series, but they do know when. Sundance announced Wednesday that Season 2 of French-series “The Returned” will premiere on the network this fall.

“The Returned,” known as “Les Revenants” in France where it is produced by and airs on Canal+, debuted in America on Sundance in October 2013 to relatively strong ratings for a foreign language series. According to TVLine, Season 2 of “The Returned” wrapped filming in April in France and the success of importing Season 1 has led Sundance to bring the show back once again.

According to the synopsis for Season 2 of "Les Revenants," the show will pick up six months after the Season 1 finale. Adele (Clotilde Hesme) and Simon (Pierre Perrie) are about to have their baby, and Lena (Jenna Thiam) and Jerome (Frédéric Pierrot) will be looking for Claire (Anne Consigny) and Camille (Yara Pilartz). Plus, the military will show up in town, but they insist that stories of people returning from the dead are just rumors.

Watch the promo for Season 2 below:

Surprisingly, the French-language series has fared better than a recent English-language adaptation, also called “The Returned,” which aired on A&E in the spring. The show’s debut season received lackluster ratings, averaging less than one million viewers per episode by the finale. A&E ultimately decided to cancel the series in June, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Meanwhile, “Les Revenants” has found new life on Sundance. What will happen in Season 2? Fans will have to wait to find out. “The Returned” will, well, return this fall, though no exact premiere date has been announced.