Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. When "Revenge" concluded episode 2 on Sunday night, fans of the hit ABC series were left wondering if Emily (Emily VanCamp) would heroically rise from the ashes or succumb to a fiery death. And it looks like viewers will get an answer when episode 3, "Ashes," airs next Sunday.

When we last saw our dear Emily, she was knocked unconscious and left to die in the middle of a blazing fire at the Stowaway -- all at the hands of Charlotte (Christa Allen). Guess the vengeance-seeking apple doesn’t fall far from the twisted tree, huh? Charlotte struck after Emily admitted to being her half-sister -- and let’s just say Em didn’t get the response she was hoping for. But can you really blame Charlotte for being upset? We mean, Emily did kidnap her, leaving her with some pretty dark memories. No wonder Charlotte wanted to wipe the slate clean with the flick of a match.

And according to the synopsis for episode 3, we can expect the sister rivalry to continue when “Ashes” airs. Scratch that -- viewers should prepare for a full-fledged family feud! Emily’s life will be on the line as Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) orchestrates a family reunion with a “deadly potential, regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire.” 

Does that mean Emily will get to see her father, David (James Tupper), alive for the first time since she was a child? Seems that way. The only problem is David has absolutely no idea that “Emily Thorne” is actually his daughter, Amanda. So, when Victoria argues that the she can’t entertain the thought of being with David until Emily is stopped, he obliges.

“What does she want?” he asks in the promo for episode 3.

“To destroy our family,” Victoria replies.

But perhaps David is merely fooling Victoria. Do you think he knows Emily is Amanda? Just because he was in hiding for more than a decade doesn’t mean he's been living under a rock. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that David is playing the ignorance card so that he can deliver a big, steaming pile of revenge to Victoria later down the Season 4 storyline.

"Revenge" Season 4 episode 3 will air on ABC on Sunday, Oct. 12, at 10 p.m. EDT.