The Hamptons are about to get a whole lot hotter when “Revenge” returns from its winter hiatus on Sunday, Jan. 4. According to TVLine, Gina Torres, who is best known for her stint on the USA drama “Suits” and appearances in the cult-followed space Western “Firefly,” will be appearing in the second half of the ABC series’ fourth installment.

Torres, 45, will play Natalie Walsh, who has been described as “an aspiring socialite” (as if the Hamptons didn’t have enough of those already). And just like the theatrical characters of “Revenge,” Natalie will be arriving to the drama-filled area with a suitcase full of enemies. The only question now is whom exactly does the high society wannabe have a beef with? Whoever they are, we suggest they watch their backs! According to reports, Natalie is determined to “drive a stake” through her mysterious foe. (On a side note, since when do the Hamptons house vampires?)

The final bit of information TVLine teased about the new, recurring “Revenge” character is that Natalie comes from a “humble-but-ambitious” family.

“Revenge” will kick off the new year on a solemn note with the funeral of Daniel (Joshua Bowman) during episode 11, “Epitaph.” According to the midseason premiere synopsis, Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeline Stowe) will spend the episode grieving Daniel’s demise while David (James Tupper) devises a plan to “protect his loved ones.”

And can you guess what his menacing mission will consist of? The answer was revealed during a promo video for episode 11.

“You’re going to kill Victoria?” Emily asks her father in the trailer with a surprised look on her face. Oh, how the tides have changed! Now that David knows the truth about Victoria (the Grayson matriarch confessed her responsibility for framing David in the terrorist attack), he no longer has her interests at heart. In fact, his only intention for Victoria is to see her six feet under.

What do you think about “Revenge” casting Gina Torres? Are you excited to see her appear in the dramatic second half of the ABC series? Tune in to the Season 4 midseason premiere on Sunday, Jan. 4, at 10 p.m. EST.