Linsanity has reached an all-time high: Rick Ross, the XL-sized rapper, recently endorsed a marijuana strand named Lin Sanity OG in a tweet.

Took @stalley shopping, tweeted Ross. The picture that was attached to the tweet was a large jar of marijuana nuggets. The label of the jar read: Lin Sanity OG. Rick Ross' friend, Stalley, who's mentioned in the tweet, also posted a photo of the fabled marijuana nuggest.

Rick Ross, the former correctional officer-turned-rapper is known for smoking large quantities of marijuana. In his GQ profile, Rick Ross smoked profusely during his meeting with journalist Devin Friedman.

One of them is stripping the tobacco out of several packs of grape Swisher Sweets and then reassembling them into precise blunts, says Friedman, the author of the GQ article. It's mesmerizing, like watching someone who's really good at knitting.

Here's a picture of the Lin Sanity OG marijuana nuggets: