Rihanna, who experienced a violent relationship with Chris Brown, thinks her ex-boyfriend would “treat her right” this time, according to a report Friday. The “Loyal” singer is still the “love of her life” despite Rihanna being in a rumored relationship with Travis Scott, Hollywood Life reported.

“Rihanna used to rule s--- out, saying she won’t do this or that. But those days are over. She’s wiser and knows that anything can happen. She hasn’t shut the door on Chris Brown. He’s the love of her life. She especially loves that he’s maturing and has become a loving father. Only time will tell if they’re meant to be,” a source told the entertainment website.

Last Friday, 26-year-old Brown was given joint physical custody of his 1-year-old daughter Royalty. Following the news, Rihanna reportedly sent a congratulatory message to Brown.

The source also revealed that Brown was 27-year-old Rihanna's “best kisser” ever. 

“Rihanna knows Chris would treat her right this time around. She can feel it and they’ve talked about it. But Rihanna always felt she could feel a man’s soul by kissing him. Chris was the best kisser she’s ever had. She could tell if he were lying about something or being 100-percent sincere by kissing him. There will be a time that she will get the chance to kiss his lips. And when she does, she’ll know if he’s ready,” the insider told Hollywood Life.