Rihanna has been confirmed as one of the performers for the upcoming 2013 Grammy Awards, and rumors suggest that Chris Brown is vying to perform with her as a duet.

A source told Radar Online that Brown wants to perform with Rihanna as their official debut as couple. They will supposedly walk the red carpet together regardless of whether Chris performs.  

“Chris wants to perform with Rihanna at the Grammys to show the whole world they are back together,” a source told Radar.

“Chris doesn’t care what the haters say, and wants to give the viewers an over the top performance with Rihanna.”

It has been four years since Brown viciously beat then-girlfriend Rihanna while the two were on their way to a pre-awards party on the eve of the Grammys.

The awards show’s producers are reportedly still undecided as to whether they will allow the duet.

“[They] haven’t signed off on having Chris and Rihanna perform together,” another source told Radar.

“It’s an extremely delicate situation and there is concern about the backlash the performance could receive. But it could also be ratings gold.”

Brown and Rihanna have both churned the rumor mill with their barrage of particularly intimate photos posted to social media that suggest the two had rekindled their relationship.

Reports suggested that they spent New Year’s Day in bed together, as per photos each posted on Instagram featuring the same polka dot comforter; however, neither has spoken on record about the status of their relationship.

Pne Radar source said that Brown wants to do right by Rihanna the second time around.

“He wants the fans to know this is the real deal, and he is a changed man,” the source said.

“If Rihanna can forgive him, the rest of the world should move on from what happened four years ago,” the source Brown believes.

The 2013 Grammy Awards takes place on Feb. 10. Rihanna has been nominated for three awards, including Best Pop Solo.