Big names from design have stepped into the 2016 Summer Olympic games to be held in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 5. In a sport meets fashion, Ralph Lauren is ready with its sartorial prowess – the Polo Ralph Lauren designs for the closing ceremony parade. The uniforms were showcased by three Olympians: marathon swimmer and silver medalist Haley Anderson, wrestler Jordan Burroughs and swimmer-cum-reality TV star Ryan Lochte.

Americans as well as Team USA will be happy with the outfits. It consists of all colors of the flag with striped cotton T-shirts, tricolor boat shoes, ribbon belts and crisp chino shorts. The outfits are topped off with a Pony-emblazoned button-down shirt that will be offered in a choice of red, white or blue and to top it all they have been made in the U.S., unlike the uniforms in the 2012 Opening Ceremony which were made in China.

Ralph Lauren will also be doing the uniforms for the opening ceremony.

The Team USA’s classic white and navy stripe T-shirts will be layered under red, white or blue button downs, paired with white shorts, a striped belt and a wrap bracelet, which can also be worn to a Fourth of July event). For fans of Team USA and Polo Ralph Lauren, the complete look is now available on Polo Ralph Lauren's website. The new range is expensive as the boat shoes only cost $350.

Besides, Stella McCartney will outfit the Great Britain team, Lacoste for France and H&M for Sweden. Meanwhile, Giorgio Armani is slated to design Italy’s team outfits however it is yet to be confirmed.

Lacoste is outfitting the French Olympians in polos too, but with a minimalist look. Instead of shorts, the French athletes will rock a navy windbreaker, skinny white trousers and matching white sneakers during the opening ceremony. British designer Stella McCartney also unveiled uniforms designed in collaboration with Adidas which will be worn by Team Great Britain’s athletes and Paralympians.

The designs feature silhouettes of a lion holding a torch. Meanwhile, Sweden tapped national treasure H&M to design its blue and yellow uniforms, which was previewed by swimmer Sarah Sjostrom and appear muted and less bright than the colors of its flag.