A strange report claiming “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Rob Kardashian broke up with Blac Chyna because of their child’s ultrasound just emerged from the blog Media Take Out. The Lash Bar salon owner had a 4-D ultrasound done and the child appeared to be “100-percent African-American.”

The tricky part about this report is that Media Take Out didn’t identify Kardashian and Chyna by name. Instead, they called them everyone’s “favorite couple.” Though it could be another famous celebrity duo, Chyna and Kardashian are arguably the most famous biracial couple who recently broke up.

The story comes from a “rock solid” source. “Our snitch tells us that the couple was CLEARLY able to see the baby’s face, and that the child appeared to be 100-percent African-American,” the blog wrote Tuesday. “Well it caused a fight, and has him QUESTIONING whether he is in fact the father. He has broken it off with his fiancée until the baby is born, and he can take a paternity test.”

If it wasn’t clear already that MTO was writing about Chyna and Kardashian, the final sentence made it obvious: “And yes, this drama is expected to make its way onto a reality TV show.” The couple is slated to star on their own series for the E! Network called “Rob & Chyna.”

Not surprisingly, neither Chyna nor Kardashian has responded to the accusation. Some fans assumed if Kardashian were not the father, it must be rapper Future. Chyna famously got his name tattooed on her hand in October and then Future said he wasn’t dating anyone.

While MTO wrote Kardashian and Chyna broke up over a 4-D ultrasound, Us Weekly said it was because things were moving “too fast” for the Arthur George sock creator. “Rob is just not used to filming again, and it’s been hard on him,” an insider said about filming the reality show Friday. “They had a fight. It was one of those things where they broke up for a few hours to cool down.” The insider added: “The pressure of filming the show and everything moving too fast.”

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