The mystery woman who was spotted driving around Los Angeles with Robert Pattinson on June 29 has been identified as Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley, the Daily Mail reported.

Keough, 24, is a model and actress who was last seen in the movie ‘Magic Mike’ with her former fiancé Alex Pettyfer. Keough split from Pettyfer early last year, and pictures of her hanging out with Pattinson in his Loz Feliz home over the weekend sparked rumors that the couple is dating.

Pattinson and Keough have not addressed these reports, but the model is said to have been close to the British actor and his former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, for a while now, according to the Daily Mail. Keough’s friendship with Stewart began when they acted together in the 2010 movie, ‘The Runaways,’ a coming-of-age movie about a teen band of the same name.

Keough's resemblance to Stewart is said to be what attracted Pattinson to Lisa Marie Presley's eldest daughter, according to a Daily Mail report, which pointed out that both Stewart and Keough have similar facial features and a tomboy-style.

Stewart and Pattinson split in May, and since then he has been concentrating on his music to help him cope with the breakup, a friend of the actor, who gained fame for his role in the Twilight series, told Star Magazine.

"Rob's always had half a mind on his music, but when his film career and relationship with Kristen both took off at the same time, something else had to give," the friend said. "He's really enjoyed picking up his guitar again properly and it has given him something to focus on during the break-up. Everyone's saying that he's really talented, but he's adamant we'll only be seeing him in films for the time being."