It has been nine months since the tragic death of Robin Williams, but luckily for fans, the beloved actor still has a few more laughs to give. The trailer for “Absolutely Anything,” a sci-fi comedy starring Williams and Simon Pegg (“Shaun of the Dead”), was released online Friday ahead of the film's summer theatrical release. The movie features one of Williams’ last appearances on the big screen, albeit in the form of a talking dog!

“Absolutely Anything” involves a group of intergalactic alien invaders – voiced by the Monty Python team – who conduct an experiment to help them decide whether or not to destroy Earth. The experiment involves instilling one human with the power to do absolutely anything and then observing whether the power is used for good or evil. That lucky person turns out to be Neil Clarke, played by Pegg. Clarke may eventually use his new gifts to better mankind, but the trailer shows a comedy of errors as he gets used to his unlimited power, giving himself a better body, making himself President of the United States and giving his dog Dennis (Williams) the ability to speak.

Williams is at his comedic best in the trailer, spewing line after line of quick-witted humor as a hungry dog lusting after his master’s leg. The late actor's long history of hilarious voice acting includes “Aladdin” and “Happy Feet," and it looks like he has added one more lovable character to his cherished filmography. 

Watch the trailer for “Absolutely Anything” below:

Williams died of an apparent suicide last August. “Absolutely Anything” is his last big-screen comedy. One more unreleased film, a drama titled “Boulevard,” is set to hit theaters in July.

“Absolutely Anything” will be in theaters nationwide this summer. An exact premiere date has not yet been announced.