Besides smart TVs, waterproof gadgets, gaming, tablets and smartphones, robots have become a major draw at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

While pop sensation Justin Bieber showed off a dancing robot mRobot at CES on Wednesday, the latest version of Murata Electronics' ECO MURATA BOY, a bicycle riding robot, demonstrated its balancing skills.

Not to be outdone, Techko Maid's Robotic Vacuum, High Speed Sweeper & Mopping Machine (RV 189) also drew attendees' attention by showing off its housekeeping skills.

The RV189's unit size is 14 x 3.75, with 7.81 lbs unit weight and 23.4 LBS master net weight. It can vacuum and sweep on most carpeted floors. It also can sweep and mop sealed wood floors, linoleum, tile and marble floors. In addtion, it has wet and dry cleaning capability.

The RV189 will not damage your furniture or baseboards as it has touch sensitive bumpers. It also has many other function: Auto shut off when lifted or stuck, fall prevention sensor, etc.

It will come in two colors - silver and black - with rechargeable batteries and AC adapter. However, the company did not say when the hard-working robot will hit the U.S. market and with what price tag.

Elsewhere, TP-Link showed off a massive robot, which greeted people and demonstrated its dancing skills briefly before being packed off by its handlers.

Check out below, the photos of robots at work and play at CES 2012: