Would you like a nice pickle with that watch?

Customers of the Rolex Deli in Fort Greene are really not asking the owner that Shawqu Ali, that question very much these days--nor have they--ever. But that hasn't stopped the famed watch maker Rolex from suing him for trademark infringement, according to NY1.

No comment so far from the Rolex folks, but I assume they are sick and tired of folks from Brooklyn sending those pastrami sandwiches to their factories because they're running slow. Maybe if Ali used seedless rye the sandwiches would run smoother.

In case you're wondering, Ali doesn't sell watches of any kind. But the Fulton Street shop apparently is diluting the brand with customers. Says something about the typical Rolex customer, then, doesn't it?

Sounds like someone at the watchmaker's legal department is wound a little tight.