As the Ron Paul 2012 primary campaign continues to roll on, New York Times opinion writer Frank Bruni claims that no one can remember Paul's candidacy.

Though there are a whole slew of states that have yet to go to the voting booth, the journalist hit Paul hard in a piece that was aimed at sounding the death knell on Newt Gingrich's floundering campaign.

Not only did he assert that the Ron Paul 2012 primary campaign is dead in the water, he also went on to lob ad hoc attacks at Dr. Paul, calling him less peacock than emaciated ostrich -- never airborne, head in the sand, meaning that Paul doesn't have the flair and support needed to remain relevant in the race.

But Bruni's assertions about the death of Paul's campaign was even harsher, as he writes that Paul is so consistently discounted that no one even bothers to implore him to fold his tent. No one can remember that he even pitched one, then explains that we should forget him and Gingrich outright for the remainder of the campaign cycle.

And the underlying premise of the entire article is that we need to jettison these circus candidates (his wording) from the GOP primary in order to focus on Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, meaning by default that Ron Paul is an inferior potential president.

The new call by Bruni for the resignations of the two bottom-tier candidates (as the media has so dubbed them) follows a number of other such urgings that have emerged in recent days.

A new CNN/ORC International poll released March 27 reveals that 61 percent of the Republicans interviewed for the survey they want Paul to drop out of the race.

That news comes on the heels of a Monday spat with Piers Morgan, in which the CNN pundit asked Paul why he wouldn't leave the race:

If I was prescribing some medicine for you right now, congressman, Morgan asked, I'd say the situation is looking pretty terminal for you. ... Why don't you just do the decent thing and just pull out?

Paul, a physician retorted by hitting Morgan with another question: Why don't you do the decent thing and not pester me with silly questions?