The mother of Ruben Arzu, the naked 300-pound bodybuilder who savagely attacked a couple on Saturday, said he suffers from a mental illness which led to the attack.

Arzu, 22, reportedly was sitting naked on the front porch of the couple's Colton, Calif. home late Saturday evening when he attacked them in what police say was a drug or steroid induced fury. Police said it took a crew of four men to restrain the bodybuilder using stun guns and four sets of handcuffs.

I'm truly, truly sorry for the couple that got hurt, Mariela Arzu told ABC 7. We were trying to avoid that and nobody heard us or heard his cry.

The couple sustained head injuries and were released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Mariela Arzu said her son did not take drugs, nor is he a bodybuilder, and says he is mentally disabled. She said he receives benefits from Social Security as a disable person and in the 8th grade, he could only understand. Arzu said her son admitted he needed help earlier that day.

He started wanting to cry and he says, 'Mom, I need help,' and I could see it in his eyes that he was screaming for help, Arzu told ABC 7.

Arzu's girlfriend, Denise Mainez and mother of their one-year-old daughter, told ABC 7 that Arzu was battling evils that day.

He totally was a different person, Mainez said. It was like something happened within him I can't explain.

According to Colton Police, Arzu was sitting naked on the front porch of the couple's Colton, Calif. home late Saturday evening when they returned from a party.

The couple showed up at home from a party and he's there in their front yard, naked, Smith told The AP.

Police said Arzu attacked and savagely beat the 36-year-old husband and caused major head trauma.

The wife, 34, ran inside to phone to police and, too, was attacked by Arzu in the incident. Arzu reportedly threw the woman around and caused facial injuries and wounds to the head.

Officer Smith told The AP a neighbor tried to help the couple being attacked but ran back inside when Arzu tried attacking her.

Police said it took four officers, two stun gun shots and four sets of handcuffs to restrain the 300-pound, five-foot-ten-inch Arzu from attacking again.

Officers used a taser on Arzu but the taser has no effect on him, and it took four officers to place Arzu into handcuffs, a statement detailing the incident from the Colton Police Department read. Arzu was still  actively resisting officers even after being handcuffed with four sets of handcuffs. 

Police did not verify whether or not he was under the influence of drugs or steroids.

Mainez said the family found out from police not long after the incident.

It's just hard to believe seeing what he did, taking his clothes off and stuff, Mainez told ABC 7.

Ruben Arzu is being charged of suspicion of attempted homicide and aggravated mayhem.