Ask any entrepreneur in Silicon Alley, and you'll find that there's a shortage of engineers and developers in New York City. That's a tough truth to deal with if you happen to be an entrepreneur, but if you're a developer or an engineer, the high demand spells more cash on the job.

Analysis from CyberCoders, a technology staffing company, reveals that Ruby developers are in the highest demand, at least financially speaking, and earn about $106,667 annually on average, if they work in New York City. A recent blog post from Cyber Coders listed the top 10 jobs in tech for 2012 in New York with Ruby developers the highest paid, followed very closely by sales engineers. The site currently lists more than 1,400 open jobs in New York.

The price of a Ruby developer in New York City is just slightly below one in Palo Alto, Calif., according to data provided by, a job listings site. Ruby developers, on average, earn about $115,000 annually in Silicon Valley, and the salary trend appears to be increasing.

Whether you're in the Alley or the Valley, it appears that Ruby developers are a must-have skillset for any startup. Expect Ruby developer demand to continue to boom in 2012.