The second annual Runway For A Cause pageant will take place on April 14 outside Las Vegas, Nev., in the stateline community of Primm.

The event, organized by Nevada non-profit organization National All American Elite Society, will feature girls and boys in multiple age divisions, from toddlers to teenagers, with cash prizes that will be donated, in part, to a charity of the contestant's choice.

The participants in our system are focused on community service, public performing and making a contribution to society by choosing platforms, reads a statement on the NAAE's website. It's not about the crown! It's what you do with the crown that counts!

Although the competition is open to both girls and boys, NAAE director Melanie Thompson believes that it can send a positive message to young girls in particular.

 NAAE's message is one that is built on the concept that the things that really matter are not our physical looks, or our level of popularity at school or how much we are in demand on our social calendars, said Thompson in a statement.

What should really be important to our girls is that they have answers for tough questions, like 'What did you today to make someone else's life better?' ... We can't raise strong women for tomorrow if we don't teach them today to put value in things that make a difference in this world. Our girls will never learn strength of character if they rely on their physical appearance and their popularity.

NAAE has not indicated the value of the cash prizes on its website, or what percentage of it will go to charity. It also does not require a charity to be listed in its online registration process. Requests for comment regarding donations to charity were not responded to at the time of publication.

Win cash for yourself and your favorite charity! the NAAE proclaims in a pageant advertisement on its website.

Be seen by judges from the modeling [and] fashion industry! reads another statement in the ad. Casting agents will be on hand to see you strut your stuff!

The registration fee for the pageant is $299.00. Contestants who register before March 29, receive a $100.00 discount and first-time participants receive a $50.00 discount.

The pageant will take place at the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas mall at 32100 Las Vegas Blvd. South and begins at 9:00 a.m.