Hollywood was taken by surprise when details of Eva Mendes’ new baby daughter were recently revealed. The actress reportedly gave birth to her second child with Ryan Gosling in late April 2016.

The Hollywood couple welcomed their second daughter on April 30 at 8:30 a.m., according to a copy of the baby’s birth certificate obtained by TMZ. The actress gave birth at Providence St. John's Health Center located in Santa Monica. Mendes and Gosling’s baby has been named Amada Lee Gosling. The two celebrities already have a 20-month-old daughter together, Esmeralda Amada.

The couple’s two children share a common name, “Amada.” In a previous interview, Mendes commented that she wanted the first and middle names of her children to show her Hispanic heritage, E! News reported. In Spanish, the term “Amada” refers to beloved, dear or being adored. Apart from having a name to represent the actress’ Hispanic roots, Amada is also the name of Mendes’ late grandmother.

The “Hitch” star has also previously portrayed a character who shares the same name as her late grandmother, as stated in the same report. In the 2007 film “We Own the Night,” Mendes starred as Amada Juarez. She reportedly asked the film’s director James Gray if he could change the character’s name to her late grandmother’s name to honor her. Mendes has even shared how much she resembles her late grandmother. "I have a feeling that I am so like her, I feel like we're connected," she stated.

Meanwhile, Mendes and Gosling have mostly kept silent over the actress’ pregnancy and the arrival of their second daughter. The Hollywood baby news was also limited to Mendes’ close friends and family, an insider has shared with People magazine. The insider even mentioned how Gosling kept details of his personal life private.

The Hollywood couple has yet to share pictures of their first daughter Esmeralda since the baby’s birth in September 2014. It is also unlikely that Mendes and Gosling will unveil photos of their second child Amada Lee.