Former NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf was arrested for the second time in a week in Montana on Monday.  After being arrested once for burglary and posting bail, he was arrested two days later on charges that he broke into a friend's home and stole painkillers.

Leaf was taken to Cascade County Detention Center and is facing new charges of burglary, theft and two counts of criminal possession of narcotics. He is also being held for probation violation.

It's based on a burglary that happened yesterday afternoon after he bailed out, Central Montana Drug Task Force Commander Chris Hickman said Monday, reported the Associated Press.

The owners of the house discovered a tall man with an athletic build standing inside, said Hickman. The said he had the wrong address and left the premises. They discovered that he three prescription bottles were missing and called the police. They were able to identify Leaf from a photo lineup, reported the AP.

Leaf has a hearing scheduled for Monday while he remains detained in which he will officially hear the new charges against him.

Authorities searched his home and discovered hydrocodone pills loose

We don't know if he disposed of them or if he has a hiding place where he stores these things, Hickman said, reported the AP.

Since his arrested others came forward regarding stolen pills.

When I advised him that he was going to be charged with another count of burglary for the events that occurred, he didn't show any surprise - and he didn't make any confessions or admissions, Hickman said.

On Friday, Leaf was arrested after police discovered oxycodone pills in his golf bag. An acquaintance of Leaf's reportedly said he stole the pills. His posted a $76,000 bond and was freed on his own accord until he was caught stealing again.

The probation violation is related to a plea agreement Leaf made when accused of a 2009 burglary of a player's home while was a quarterbacks coach for Division II West Texas A&M. After authorities investigated Leaf, they discovered he obtained approximately 1,000 pills from the area pharmacies during an eight-month time span.

His plea deal gave him 10 years probation in Texas. Randall County Distric Attorney James Farren said he planned to file a motion on Monday that would potentially revoke Leaf's probation, reported AP.

Our argument will be that he should go to prison, Farren said, reported the AP.

Leaf has took a hard fall from the top

In 1998, he was picked No. 2 overall in NFL Draft, reported NBC Sports. He is considered one of the biggest draft failures in the history of the NFL. He became addicted to painkillers while on probation form a 2010 felony conviction. In the last year, he said he turned his life around.