The Screen Actors Guild appeared ready to go ahead with a strike authorization vote after a group of board members failed in an attempt to oust the union’s lead contract negotiator.

The emergency national board meeting began before 9 a.m. Monday and pushed on through the night into Tuesday afternoon, when the organizers had scheduled a hard-stop time of 1 p.m. Overall, the meeting lasted 30 hours with only a few intervals for meals.

The meeting ended without voting on a proposal calling for the removal of Doug Allen, the union’s national executive director, from his role as lead negotiator for the 120,000-member union.

No follow-up national board meetings were scheduled, though the Hollywood Division board meets Thursday.

An SAG statement said Allen and the negotiating committee “remain committed to advancing the cause of actors and our crucial contract negotiations.”

Meanwhile, SAG President Alan Rosenberg said in a statement that a group of board members submitted a document at the end of the board meeting that purports to deal with the employment of Allen, who also is the union's chief negotiator, and the continuing approach to negotiations.