Sagem Communications signed a trademark licensing agreement with Xerox Corporation with the aim of developing, marketing and supporting a new line of Xerox fax devices.

According to the 4 year licensing agreement signed on February 27, Sagem is expected to bring to the market a comprehensive range of facsimile devices based on various printing technologies.

Xerox's new line of fax machines will be on display between March 3rd and 9th at CEBIT in Hanover, Germany.

According to Sagem Communications president, Patrick Sevian, the combination of the Xerox brand and Sagem Communications' technology, the company expects to strengthen its market share.

The Xerox-branded Office Fax range will be distributed through Sagem Communications' extensive sales channels in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Middle-East, starting in the spring. Both companies' commitment to quality is recognized in the licensing agreement with provisions to maintain the highest standards throughout the product lifecycle, Sevian said.

Sagem Communications specializes in broadband communications and convergence in particular in areas such as printing terminals, digital TV set-top boxes, broadband and residential terminals, M2M communications, energy management and telecom systems and partnerships.

Sagem has a worldwide network of 6,500 employees spread over five continents with its head quarters in Paris.