A California teen is reportedly facing deportation after selling pot brownies to help raise money to buy a prom dress. 

Last fall, 19-year-old Saira Munoz of Yuba City, Calif., received assistance from a friend to help her sell brownies laced with marijuana, reports Sacramento's KOVR. The River Valley High School student was 18 at the time.

But Munoz's money-making plan crumbled when a student who ate one of the brownies at school had to be hospitalized. Since she hired another student help her sell the brownies, she received a felony charge of employing a minor to sell marijuana. According to KOVR, a judge sentenced Munoz to to four years probation on April 7. Munoz also received nine days in jail. However, seeing that she received credit for her time served ahead of her sentencing, Munoz did not have to go back to jail. 

Sacramento's KTXL reports that Munoz may be an undocumented immigrant and it is possible the teen could be deported back to Mexico. Munoz came the United States with temporary permission in 2000. Immigration officials say they are currently reviewing the case and no deportation proceedings have been filed.