The life of Paraguayan soccer player Salvador Cabanas is still in risk hours after he was attacked, Dr. Ernesto Martinez, the head of the team of surgeons that treated the player at a hospital in Mexico City, told the press today.

Cabanas' condition was ruled as critical but stable. The 29-year-old player underwent surgery today after he was shot in the head at a bar in Mexico City. Dr. Martinez said the bullet had not been removed from the back part of the player's brain fearing that the damage will be worse.

He and his brain behaved very well, but the situation is still very serious, it is a critical situation, Martinez told reporters at a press conference, AFP noted.

We can't confirm that his life is no longer in risk, he added.

Cabanas was reportedly shot at a bar's restroom in Mexico City early Monday where he was with his wife and friends. It is not confirmed what was the cause of the shooting but late reports suggest the attackers were targeting the player.

Cabanas is now sedated in the hospital and doctors will wait several days to withdraw sedation and watch his response, Martinez said.

Cabanas was a key player for Paraguay's national team which classified to South Africa's world cup 2010. He also has been acknowledged as America's best player.  He also played for Mexico's Club America.