Portland Mayor Sam Adams admits lying about his relationship after all. He did have sex with Beau Breedlove back in 2005, the summer when Breedlove turned 18-years-old.

Adams, 45, who is openly gay, acknowledge the relationship in a statement Monday saying, I lied at the time because I was afraid that people would believe untrue rumors being circulated by an undeclared mayoral opponent that I had broken a law involving sexual relations with a minor. But this is not a good excuse.

He also publicly apologized to Breedlove for making him lie about their relationship. In fact, Beau encourages me to be honest about the facts of our relationships.

When Adams met Breedlove in April 2005, the young intern was just 17 years-old (he's now 21). Adams insists their relationship began only after Breedlove was 18, the legal age consent in Oregon.