The San Diego, Calif. power outage has left many residents, businesses, and government bodies without electricity (or running on backup generators).

The Situation

The San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) warned that it does not have an estimated restoration time and warned that San Diego power may be out through the night and into tomorrow.

 SDG&E crews are working as quickly and safely as possible, said the company.

The SDG&E essentially has two major power source connections, both of which tripped off due to a problem that originated in Arizona. 

Hot days in a row like we have had create lots of power flowing. Could have had an impact, said SDG&E.

The Impact

The company warned that street traffic lights are out and should therefore be treated as a four-way stop sign.  It also urged residents to prepare to stay at home tonight without power and activate their family emergency plan if they have one.

The massive outage, affecting over 1.4 million customers, extends from the San Diego area into Arizona and Baja California, according to the LA Times.

The San Diego power outage has led to the shutdown of two reactors at a nuclear power plant, traffic jams, the shutdown of the trolley system, and put the San Diego International Airport on backup generators, reported LA Times.

The police and the U.S. Customs Border Patrol in San Diego are running on backup power.  The FBI does not believe the outage was caused by terrorism, reported NBC LA.