After San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi released surveillance videos about cop's lies, brutality, and illegal searches on March 2, Wednesday, another video with similar content has surfaced.

In the video released, a police officer can be spotted physically attacking a bystander after illegally searching a room in the Jefferson Hotel, which obviously contradicts the declaration police gave in its report about the incident.

On December 30, 48-year-old Fernando Santana was arrested by the police in the hotel lobby. The police claimed that he hold crack cocaine in his outstretched hand, but the footage in the last video shows Santana had his hands in his pockets.

Furthermore, the police insisted they had permission to search his room, but in the video, Santana can be seen handcuffed and he had refused to give them permission to search his room. The police also violently tackle a bystander who had walked up to the room and peeked inside.

We have yet to run across a single video that matches up with what police swear to in their report, said Matt Gonzalez, chief attorney with the Public Defender's Office.

Adachi thinks it's time to draft related legislation to prevent similar event happen. With Police Chief Greg Suhr taking the helm, the time is ripe for a culture change in our city's police department, he said in a statement.

Here is the video: